Hello everyone. This is Michael Wilmes. Living in the outskirts of Wiesbaden, Germany I do have that infamous genetic defect causing distress if I'm out of travel excitement.

Working in the IT industry my life has enough of digital drive already. Having had some case of digital photography fatigue caused me to appreciate the mechanical beauty of film photography. Enjoying the slow process and anticipating the results. Helping in keeping the craft alive alongside.

Since then my joy with film photography has spread over to my lovely wife Jasmin. Most of the time we are able to travel together sharing precious moments. The travel section of this page attempts to share our joint memories with you.

In an attempt to bring film photography and digital lifestyle closer together I'm also author of a software film scanning aid called Analogue Toolbox for Capture One. A tool that might might help us spend more time in the analogue domain. And an experiment whether that holds true.


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